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2019 April’s Runoff Election

24 Jan 2019 2:22 PM | Deleted user

The 2019 Yoga Society of New York, Inc. runoff election is April 13th! Someone had asked me recently if this a big deal? Well in the whole scheme of life, what is a big deal is really very subjective, so I don’t really know how to answer that question. However, what I can do is offer you some information about the runoff and what it is all about. For those of you who missed our October Member's Only weekend, you may have missed our election as well. By the way, we had a lovely 30 people attend our Member's only weekend. That's up from our summer event. I am interested to see if more people begin to attend. Anyway, back to the election runoff...

For those of you who are new to Voting Membership at Ananda Ashram, let me tell you our election committee does not take anything for granted! There is a whole list of rules and regulations surrounding the election. I recently interviewed Purnima who is on the election committee and asked her these questions:

Karen: What caused the runoff election?

Purnima: =To be elected you must receive 50% of the Voting Membership Quorum. A Quorum is after counting all ballots received of those at least 50% of the votes must go to one person. At the October election, we had five candidates, two incumbents, and three new candidates.

The two incumbents were Nandini and Kamala Khan and were reelected without incident. However the open position had three candidates and none of them received the Quorum. All three were very close in numbers which meant that no one was elected to the vacant seat on the Board of Trustees for Ananda Ashram.

The slate for the April runoff election will be determined at the February 16th Board Meeting.

Purnima would like to remind our voting members to send in your ballots early, please mail them at least ten days prior to the April 13th deadline. If we do not get them in on time they will not count.

I also asked her if there was anything she would like members to know? She replied, "we certainly welcome all voting members to attend the Board Meeting, not just in February but any of them, and we encourage your feedback. With your election packet, you will receive a feedback form. Each form is read and typed up and sent to the Board Members.

And of course, you are always welcome to email the Board of Directors at trustees@anandaashram.org, or me at membership@anandaashram.org.

You can log in at  https://yogasocietyofnewyorkinc.wildapricot.org/ and with your email and password. If you forgot your password you can reset it once you click on the link above. 

Also, recently I was asked do you have to use your Facebook or Google account to login to your account. My answer is no, just use the email address I sent this newsletter to and create a password at your convenience. 

Thank you,

Love & Light,

Your Membership Coordinator

Karen Monteverdi, CPC

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